Before checking how your site ranks in google…

SO you have gone online and and entered one of your keywords into Google to check your ranking in the search engine results page (SERPs). You see that you’re ranked #1 in Google! Yipeeeeee!!

Feeling pretty good, you decide to brag to all your friends.  You tell them to type in your keyword into Google and see what pops up.

They do it and and your site’s not there…You argue with them and check the keyword again.   Sure enough, there it is! SO what gives?

You have been PERSONALIZED my friend!

There are a couple of reasons why you are seeing different rankings than everyone else.   Personalization exists in Google for the average user to  help them find sites that they have clicked on before.   Google is smart, so smart it knows which sites should get bumped up in the rankings based on your past click-throughs.  Is it Big Brother?  NO, it is Because you’re logged into Google.  If you’re logged into Gmail, then you’re allowing Google to personalize your searches.

So how do you find your REAL rankings?

4 Ways To Depersonalize Your Search

1. &pws=0: Adding the command &pws=0 to the URL of a search query will depersonalize your search rankings without you having to log out of your gmail account. For example, if you enter the keyword “seo” into Google, the url path for that search results page looks like this:

To depersonalize that search query add the &pws=0 command at the end of the URL path like this:

2. Depersonalizer: Don’t want to keep logging out of your Gmail account? No problem! Use this free online Google depersonalizer tool to check your rankings while logged into Gmail!

3. Rank Checker – This is a great FireFox plugin to check your rankings for your site. Although it’s not super accurate it is more accurate than a personalized search.

4.  Lastly is simply to logout of google before searching.

Your first website. How to choose your designer and avoid making costly mistakes!

Shopping for a web designer.

What Should I Look for in a Web Designer?

The process of getting a website can be daunting for most.  There is the worry about cost and how to find an honest web designer.  How do you know which one can effectively satisfy your needs?  How do you know what is fair cost?  What are your options?


The first thing you want to look at is the persons experience.  The best place to start is their website.

Look for a web designer with a nice, clean working website that gives information such as how  long have they been in the business, some samples of their work, testimonials, and a list of their clients.  Do they have lots of information?  Look at their work.  Do they list clients and do they have clients in the same business as you?   Not all web designers are qualified to do all types of websites.   Do they have an about section that gives clear information about who they are and their history?  If the site is vague, does not offer a look at the “person behind the curtain” , has few clients and little information about their history, then avoid them.  Chances are they are either not in this country which makes it hard to recoup losses, or they have something to hide.

Another thing to look at is do they build websites with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to manage the website yourself or if you will have to depend on them for changes.   There are many web designers out there who will build you a nice site but give you no options to update and take off, giving you no access to your site leaving you having to start over.

If they do offer CMS systems is it open source (which is supported by the public, published under licenses that ensure that the source code is available to everyone to inspect, change, download, and explore as they wish which) or custom which means the designer controls it.  Many like myself, support only open source which allows the client freedom to find someone else to manage their site.  With a custom CMS you are stuck using that business and if they leave, you are in trouble.

Choose a designer who goes the extra mile and who give thought to the growth of your business.  There are many people to choose from, so choose the ones who set themselves apart by offering complete service packages.  Avoid the designers who just offer basic web design with no thought to the future of your business.   Due to the downed economy there are many graphic designers turned web designers who can show you some beautifully designed websites that are not functional or worse yet, invisible to search engines.  Questions to ask: Will they help you market your Web Site by submitting it to search engines and using appropriate tags to enable your site to be found?  Do they offer SEO friendly websites?

Quality Customer Serviceblue line

Just as important as experience is the quality of customer service. Are your emails and phone calls returned in a timely manner? Do they follow through with your requests?

Can you talk with each other comfortably? Are ideas and advice shared by both parties easily?  Do they seem willing to help?  Will the make suggestions and offer solutions?

To accomplish the end product you both will be proud of, it’s imperative that communication be clear and flow easily.

A good indication of a companies customer service is if they have repeat clients or are primarily referral based.  Find out how and where they get clients and if you can talk to any of their clients.

Skillsblue line

A good designer will be able to use their knowledge of layout, color, content and graphics to create the most effective Web Site for you.

They should know  PHP/CSS/HTML.   Knowing how to code by hand will allow the designer to “tweak” and adjust code to achieve a desired result.

If you need interactive elements such as a search capabilities, forms or shopping carts, does the developer have these skills? Will your site require any specialized programming?

Are they able to create professional custom graphics? (These should be custom-made graphics other than the ones used for navigation or client-supplied logos).

Can the designer employ HTML5, javascript, video or audio to enhance your site if needed?

Pricingblue line

The cost of a professionally designed Web Site can differ greatly due to the many different elements involved and the skills and experience of the designer or developer.   Ask for a written estimate and have them break down the costs for your each of the different services involved.

The best way to get quotes is to just tell them what you can afford.  Then have them submit a proposal and see who offers more for that cost.  This allows you to not only get quotes in your price range and but it will save you time weeding through ones that are way out of your range.

Will you be required to put down a deposit?   Are clients set up on a payment schedule? Many designers ask for one-half the estimated cost for the deposit up front and the remainder after the Web Site is published.

How do they set rates?  By the page, a flat rate or by the hour? Cheaper is not always better. With all the factors involved in creating an effective and professional Web Site, it is important that the designer or developer have the necessary skills and experience to complete the project. This may cost a little more, but well worth it by the presence you project to potential clients and individuals.

Reliabilityblue line

A common problem people have with their web designers is hiring someone and not checking out their background.  If a web designer does not list their clients, or show an established history you run the risk of hiring someone that is not reliable and may disappear.   Many of our clients are people who already paid for  website but ended up with a designer who took off or trapped them into costly agreements and situations.  They thought they were getting good deals and it ended up costing them more in the end because they had to start over with new websites.

A good designer will offer for you to talk to a couple of satisfied clients.  There is no better way to find out about your designer from those who have already been through the process.  Be cautious of a designer does not offer references or an example of past clients or work samples.

The most important thing is REFERENCES.  Do not just take a companies word for it.  Ask if you can contact at least 3 of their previous clients.  And be sure to check if the websites they have listed in their portfolios are actually live and theirs.  It is shockingly common how many times I have seen a web design firm with items in their portfolio that are either not theirs or not even real.

What you can do to in the meantime

While you are trying to find a designer or raising the money for a website, you can do a couple of things to prep.

1) get your domain name. It is very important that you select the right name. Not just to make your site easier to remember but to make it easier to find. There are many elements involved in this process that need to be considered. Here is a great link that can help you.

2) Get a logo. In most cases a web designer can design one for you. But again, if you are on a budget and you need to save money you could check out something like Logo Geeks or  You can set a price as a PRIZE and many designers will submit their ideas to win.  The benefit of this, is that you get lots of choices.

3) Work on your content. The better you are prepared with your content the easier and sometimes cheaper it will be to work with your designer.   Designers often base their quote on how much time it will take to build your site and that often includes how difficult they think the client will be to work with.  IF you come in unprepared, appear to be unorganized or  too busy, the designer looks at that as additional work they have to do.   Coming to the table with everything ready to go, will help keep your cost low.

5) Local listings and social media.   – You need to get prepared to market your site in a cost effective way. There are local listings you can get yourself listed on, (google maps,, bing, yahoo maps etc.), there are business pages for facebook and yelp. A Twitter account is essential. Be sure to add your new domain name to everything you do online.

bad online reviews

How to survive your first negative review

So, one day you decide to Google your business listing and to your horror, there you see, clear as day, a negative review about your business. Your face reddens, your pulse quickens, you naturally feel a bit defensive and you instantly want  to respond with a nasty rebuttal or worse yet, start planting your own positive reviews to cover it up.

WHOA STOP RIGHT THERE!  Hands off the mouse… bad idea.

No matter how you try and justify your response you are in just telling potential customers that if they don’t like the service provided — they can expect to be berated and attacked which makes you look worse and can actually validate that review.

Search engines have a VERY long memory – they are quick to remember and very slow to forget.   A search engine’s job is to gather as much data on the internet as possible and cache it (or store in it’s databanks) as quickly as possible;   all of this data is stored across many thousands of servers and kept there until the cached page literally falls off the face of the internet.   So, very likely, this one negative review has the potential to show in search engines and across many websites for, well, ever.

In addition you will have no control over how people are reviewing your business (if you had control over this, it would obviously not be a viable or trustworthy review site).   You have to make a decision, not as to IF you should respond, but as to HOW you should respond.

So your business has negative reviews online – now what?

* Don’t overreact. Take a deep breath and walk away for a bit. If you sit back down at your computer and attempt to reply with even the slightest thought of giving the reviewer a lecture, the third degree or anything else negative, go take a cold shower or a walk in the fresh air – seriously.

* Assess the situation. Does the complaint look legit (be honest) or does the review look like it was possibly planted there by a competitor?

  • If the review is an honest one: You will need to respond. Use some of the pointers below to help you to respond to the review.
  • If you are you confident that the review is fake or just full of flat out lies (and you can prove it): Start out by contacting the administrators of the review site. Be prepared to prove your case and provide details. Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Insiderpages have been known to remove falsified reviews if there is enough proof to justify its removal.

* Remember the reviewer is (almost) always right in your future customer’s eyes. The negative review may be something absolutely false or sometimes even added by a competitor and there is likely nothing you can do to change that, however the goal here is to change the perception of onlookers to one that shows that you care about your customers.

* Look at the review objectively. Imagine you are stumbling upon this review as a potential customer and assume the complaint is a valid one. What would you want to see as a response? What would it take to show you that the business has done everything possible to right the matter?

* Use your real name and provide a way to contact you (if possible). It’s very important that potential customers see that a REAL person is responding to the review. Not only that, but that you are able to be contacted and care enough to allow future customers to contact you if needed. Chances are, that your phone won’t ring off the hook due to this, but be prepared just in case you do receive a call/email here and there.

* Write your reply with a cool head and in a sincere tone. Start off by offering up your name, position (owner etc.) and a real way to contact you. Tell the reviewer that you would really like the chance to make things right and that they can contact you at THEIR convenience.

* Write your response with the future in mind. As I mentioned above, search engines will keep this review and you reply for a good, long time. Be sure that what you write as your company’s official response is one that will stand the test of time and public perception. Write your reply in a way that shows you are not only interested in making things right, but that you are happy to do it.

* Don’t get into finger waggling, employee blaming or “well you shouldn’t have…” If you feel the need to explain publicly, accept responsibility for the problem. If it was an employee who wronged the customer, remember that you hired the employee and they are a reflection of you and your business. If you are explaining anything, explain how you have changed things to ensure that the problem won’t repeat itself.

* Don’t make promises you aren’t willing or able to follow through on. If the reviewer responds to your reply on the same site as if they want to hash it out publicly, be sure that you don’t make promises you can’t keep. Offer a full refund if necessary, but don’t offer anything you aren’t willing to actually follow through on

* Don’t start planting positive reviews in a attempt to bury it or redeem your reputation.  Not only will it be obvious that suddenly there are back to back raving reviews about you right after bad review which looks obviously planted, but you run the risk of having your privileges for posting revoked.  Site like YELP have an automate system that is not forgiving and will know of you set up dummy accounts and start posting on your own profile.  Your reviews will be removed or hidden as well as all reviews you try to make from those accounts and you may even be dinged on your business account as well.

* Be proactive and try to contact your reviewer via email or their profile on the review site. This part sounds painful and maybe it is, you may hear things about your business that hurt, but take this as a learning experience and use it to improve upon your service. This is also an opportunity to make an unhappy customer into a happy one. There is always the possibility that the customer will update their review to explain how you made things right for them.

I can’t say it enough – be enthusiastic and sincere about making things right – Don’t make it seem like someone is holding a gun to your head.   Everyone makes mistakes and people do understand that, however it’s the businesses that go out of their way to make those mistakes right that stand out in the public’s mind.

Reviews are all about public perception, whether the reviewer is right or wrong or even a competitor out for blood, you have the ability to change the perception of those that find your business listing in the future, with just a few keystrokes. Fair or not, business listing websites will display reviews for years; now is your chance to make it known that you care about your customers, even if they somehow had a bad experience.

Thanks to  http:/ for some of the information in this article. 🙂

How to get screwed by your web designer

OK,  I hope wont mind if I am completely honest here.   But in the last year, more than half our business comes from people who got screwed on their websites and I am tired of it.    This last 2 months, I have one again seen potential clients who have been getting screwed by their web designers.    Most clients who don’t listen the first time  end up coming to me later for help I get to be the one to tell them how much it will cost them to fix it.   It makes me feel bad for them.

SO….The Truth

90% of web marketers, designers, developers, SEOs and such are going to screw you.

Actually, I’m being nice. It’s closer to 99%.

Everyone who can type these days, has a facebook page and created a couple of websites has assumed they’re fully-qualified internet marketers. They’ll nod vigorously, take your money, and then poof. You’re knee-deep in crap with an uneditable, unproductive web site.

Now you have 3 choices.

  1. You can blame the Universe, assume that 100% of web marketers are hell-bent on cheating you, and give up. The internet’s just a fad anyway. Stick with your fliers, direct mail and radio spots and you’ll be fiiiine.
  2. You can try to become an internet marketing expert, like everyone else who has nothing else to do.
  3. Or, you can become a smart consumer, the same way you become a smart consumer of clothing, or food: You learn what to ask for, how to do research online and how to tell when something feels cheap.

I vote for the last option. So here are several things that can cause you to get screwed and how to avoid them.

Being Cheap + Your Uncle, brother in law, cousin, best friend’s kid= Disaster

So you have a website that needs to be redone, so you go to a web design firm and they meet with you, sometimes several times doing research and preparing a well thought out proposal for your website that not only kicks the competition to the curb, but gets you prepared for the future so if your business grows your website can too.   Suddenly the Uncle, brother in law, cousin, friend hears about it and says “Hey, don’t pay to do that I can do it no problem FREE”.    And you agree because you heard FREE or Cheap and you never once considered what that would get you.

Let me ask you, why would anyone trust something as important as building a website for YOUR business to someone who is not qualified?

The business you are invested in and have shed blood sweat and tears for.  This is one of the most important investment you can make and if someone actually showed you how much business you get from your website you would never think about trusting that job to just anyone.

Hiring a friend or family member to do a website is one of the biggest reasons companies get screwed.  There are far too many things involved in making a website and unless your Uncle, Brother in Law, Cousins, best friend’s kid is an experience web designer, than you are just asking for trouble.

Here is the complaints:

  • Waited for months and months and they never got it done and I felt bad asking for it because I wasn’t paying for it
  • My site hasn’t been updated in years and I can’t get them to do it
  • Site went up and customers complained because pages were blank or the whole site couldn’t be seen in many browsers
  • Realized that after a year my contact form was never set up right therefore we never got messages or sales inquiries
  • No one can see the website on phones
  • We don’t show up on the search engines because they never added keywords
  • We keep getting spam because they didn’t know how to set up our email properly
  • Our site keeps getting hacked and our hosting company said it is our website
  • My designer never adding tracking.  I didn’t even know I could track my website traffic until I went to a seminar about internet marketing.
  • My site is so ugly its embarrassed but I didn’t have the heart to say anything
  • My domain name expired and I didn’t even know and then my competitor reserved it
  • The person who did my website disappeared

Be Loyal even if it is hurting your business

I  know of people that hold onto their web designers of many years just because they are family or friends or they’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings!   This attitude is particularly prevalent in the small town atmosphere.   These web designers are generally the original site developers and some simply are not following through in their job. They’re are still coding web sites the same way they coded them twenty years ago. They don’t mean any harm, they’re not being intentionally neglectful, they just don’t realize they need keep up with the times.

Some designers have to deal with clients that are not willing to let them update their sites, which is absolutely no fault of the designer. Part of owning a web site is to keep it current, not only with content but keeping current with the standards.

The resulting effect is that the organization’s web sites may be so outdated in some browsers that visitors cannot even view the site. Depreciated old coding methods don’t work in the newer browsers. The organizations are literally killing off their own business because they don’t want to hurt feelings or they don’t want to spend the money to keep their sites up to date. Do you want people to hit your web site and find nothing but a blank page? Anyone with a lick of common sense knows this is just not acceptable.

Don’t shop around and don’t check labels

I encourage my clients to shop around.  I want them to feel confident with their decision and find the designer who is most suited for them even if that isn’t me.  There is more than enough work to go around.  But shopping around isn’t like seeing what store has the best price on  your favorite brand of peanut butter where you are getting the same thing just cheaper.

Cheap is NOT always better.  You DO get what you pay for!

When shopping around you need to see what they are offering for that price.  Many realize they chose cheaper but got a site with now Content Management System or optimization.  And when they look back they realize that for just a few hundred more dollars they could have had a site with all those things an more.

Don’t Listen, and Don’t say Thank you

Most reputable people spend a lot of time and effort preparing proposals for you.  They research, they often take time out of their day to have meetings with you, they offer you free advice and they generally care about your business and its future.  Be sure to listen to everything they have to say and  thank them for their time.  If  you decide not to go with them be sure to let them know immediately.   Because if you get screwed you may end up needing them to help you later, and they aren’t going to be as quick to help you (if at all) if they remember you were the one who wasted their time, ignored their advice and never bothered to let them know if they got the contract.

Don’t Ask Questions

Asking the wrong questions or not asking them at all is a recipe for DOOM.  The best web designers can answer the following without hesitation:

  1. How will I be able to monitor he traffic on my site? (a good designer adds google analytics for as part of their services)
  2. Will my site be search engine friendly?  (see if they talk about keywords, descriptions, meta tags and page titles. If they don’t know anything about this or don’t offer it, find someone else.  Without it your site has little chance of being found on the search engines)
  3. Are your websites browser friendly? ( you want them to tell you that they test their sites on explorer, firefox, chrome and explorer at least)
  4. Is my website phone friendly? (you want to know if they know how to make your site be seen on cell phones)
  5. What are the addresses of some of the sites you’ve developed? (make sure you check their portfolio!0
  6. If I want to make changes to my site, how do I do that? (now a days you can get a decent prices website that includes a content management system so you can easily make your own changes.  Avoid places that offer to do your updates as it will cost you and if they offer to do it free beware, as it will be hard to get them to do anything)
  7. Will I have control of my website and domain? (you want to know you have all the access and control of these things at all times)
  8. What are the names and numbers of some of your clients who can give me a reference?
  9. Do you offer training?  (you will need to know how to manage your new content management system.  This should be included)
  10. What are my monthly costs (the only thing you should be paying for is hosting,  There is no cost to update your site unless they are actually managing the content and doing all the work.  WordPress does require updates but we charge hourly on an as needed basis.  Avoid places that ask for maintenance if they aren’t actually doing anything)
  11. Do you do the work or do you outsource? (many places don’t actually even do the work.  They sell the services for thousands then send the work to India and have some guy do it for $300.  The merely act as project managers.  The problem is it takes a while to get things fixed or updated and the person doesn’t really know web design so you wont get the best results.  Plus these people are just in it for the money, why else would you offer a service you aren’t even qualified yourself to do.  The best web designers are the ones who love what they do.)

The answers to these questions should give you a better idea of what the web developer is capable of.

Don’t Listen to me because I am Never Right

I hate to say it but I am usually right.  I am not bragging and I am certainly NOT the Yoda of web marketing, it is just true. 🙂  BUT I do operate a reputable and appropriately priced company and sincerely want to see you get a good website!  SO with that fact alone I am already a better source than most.

I don’t know why some choose not to listen.  Maybe they think I just want their business?  Well lets settle that now.  I just want you to get a good website even if its not with me.  I am plenty busy enough these days just helping people who have gotten ripped off,  so I don’t need to get every job that comes my way.

I just want to go one month without having to feel bad telling someone the mistakes the made and how much it is and will be costing them. I would like to feel good about saying I am a web designer and not feel like a used car salesman because of all the bad apples out there.

You don’t need to be screwed over, and you don’t need to pay a fortune to have your web site developed.  Just be smart.  Only go with people who have an established presence in your market, have been referred to you, have references, and can offer you everything you need at an appropriate rate.

Don’t be tempted by cheap or free, look for affordable AND credible.  Listen to their advice and let them do their jobs and you will find that you will not only get a great website but a good friend to guide you into the future, which will be crucial for you if you want your business to thrive online.

**OK I always attribute people with a link if I use some of their info, but I somehow deleted it and can’t find the article now.  If you recognize some of your quotes or content here please let me know and I will be sure to add your info!

I launch my attack on the latest Chinese Domain Name Fraud

**I posted this to warn you all about this latest scam but decided to have a little fun!

Seems I’m the latest one to get hit with the china domain name scam.  Haven’t heard of it?  Here you go…..

You see, there are these nice little domain name registrar companies in CHINA have noticed that one of their customers is trying to register YOUR domain!  And, to make things even worse, they are trying to register your Intellectual Property Rights as well!  Well, this GREAT Chinese Domain Name Registrar has decided to do the right thing and contact you to help!  They will allow you to head off this scandal by registering the domains with them on your behalf.

What a nice company right?  They’ll be happy to send you a list of all the domain names this international domain terrorist has given them to register, along with their request for you to respond so they can deny them this option.

It works like this.  They start going through the Internet, and find your domain.  How?  How’d you find this site?  They just did, trust me on this one.  Then they check of possible combination’s of your domain name, but ending in different tld’s, that are available, then hit you with a scary letter that sounds like this:

Dear CEO,

We are a leading internet consulting organization in Asia. Now we have something urgent to confirm with you. Yesterday we received a formal application from a company called Rerch Investment Co., Ltd, who tried to apply for ” bosshi” as Internet Mark and following Domain Names from our organization:

There is a check process before domain names registration. We found that the above domain names were similar to yours, so we sent email to you and expect to get your confirmation: If your company did not consign the aforesaid company to register these, please contact us as soon as possible.

In addition, we hereby declare the time limit for this issue is 7 workdays. If your company doesn’t respond within the time, we will unconditionally approve the application submitted by Rerch Investment Co., Ltd.

Best Regards,

Vito Lu -Senior Examiner

Wow, how nice, so I took the bait to see what would happen, purely for my amusement. (thank you to a fellow blogger I borrowed some of this from his response)


Oh My that is terrible. I have registered for years and the brand as a Trade name.

I have no idea who that company is, they are not my business partners in any way, shape or form.  I did not authorize them to do this.  Wait, are those the guys who thought I was stupid and took my money and tried to hustle me into buying domain names I don’t need, who now hang out at the bar with a couple of hookers, a crack pipe, and his pet donkey with questionable underwear?  I mean, I don’t frequent these kind of establishments, but those a-holes owe me money and they might be trying to cause trouble for me.

Yes, stop them from doing this and tell him and his Donkey to get a life.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.

Thank you.

To which they quickly responded:

Dear CEO,

Have a nice Halloweens!  Thank you for your reply.  If you have no relationship with them. According to our working experience, there are 2 possibilities:1.THE company is a domain name investment company, they want to register these names before you and sell back to you to gain profits;2.It may be a commercial method, THE company is consigned by your competitor to register, they are trying to replicate your idea and let your customers feel confusion.

We knew your company has registered the domain name “” and own the intellectual property, this is why we informed you. But now they do not want to register your trademark or domain name they wanted to apply for other domain names and internet brand you have not registered yet.

Because domain name takes open registration, this is international domain name registration principle. So they have a right to register it. As a domain name registrar, we have no right to stop their application. I think you must know some cases about the domain names grabbed by the third party,we also won’t want to see similar things happen.As the company whose trademarks relate to the applied domain names, you will get the priority to register these domain names and internet brand. If you think these domian names are important to your company,we can send you a dispute application form and help you to register these domains within dispute period, this is a way to prevent domain name from grabbing. Of course, each company has their own idea. If you don’t think their registration will confuse your clients and harm your profits, you can give up. In order to proceed next step work better, please give me your decision as soon as possible.

Best regards,

..Now, you have to understand that at this point, it’s 4AM in the morning and I’m feeling a wee bit wicked.  I mean, this is just entertainment at this point, and I truly hate email spam and people who don’t bother to check the websites they are soliciting to see that we would know this is crap!  So I respond on more time.

Dear friend,

I’m sorry, but I can’t understand a fuckin’ thing you have written.  Not only does this read like the wacky information you find on those Chinese Herbal Tea Diet Pills, like “the state of obesity is the fact of being too fat” (Ha, that one always gets me) but it’s also so incredibly eyeball socket grating as well.

I mean, what does Thank you for your reply. If you have no relationship with them.‘ supposed to mean?   Are you thanking me for my reply as long as I don’t have a relationship with them, because if I do, then to hell with me?

According to our working experience’.  Wow, your working experience actually SPEAKS to you?  Mine hasn’t spoken to me since for years, but that’s another story.

they are trying to replicate your idea and let your customers feel confusion.‘   Oh yeah?  Well what if my customers are not allowed to feel confusion huh?  I mean, I know the Chinese State pretty much controls everything over there, but over here in the US, the only people who control anything are the ones with the big tanks.

they wanted to apply for other domain names and internet brand you have not registered yet’ OHHH, is that all?  Go ahead and let them have those domains.  I’m good with that, cause none of my customers are in China, and you know, I own the .com and everybody knows that all those foreign extensions there are usually CHINESE MALWARE SITES probably run by your company.

As the company whose trademarks relate to the applied domain names, you will get the priority to register these domain names and internet brand.’ Now your just trying to make my head spin.

If you don’t think their registration will confuse your clients and HARM YOUR PROFITS you can just give upNEVER, NEVER will I give up.  Don’t you understand, I live for this crap!

In order to proceed next step work better, please give me your decision as soon as possible.’ I mean really, WTF is that?  Does that mean you want my next step better work, or are you warning me about a hole in the floor, and to be carefull where I work?  Or is that step?  What, do you think people in America can’t walk or something?

Ok, since you said please…here’s my decision.

Screw you and Go away.

Yours Truly CEO

I haven’t heard back from them since…..

UPDATE ** I got an email back with an attachment.  I didn’t open it but I could see the first line of the message that simple ready, ” SCREW YOU!”

…no my little Chinese friend….there will be no screwing today….not on my watch!