Socialcam – the new BULLY on the block

PLEASE read and share this, it will save you a lot of Embarrassment in the Future.

This is about SocialCam, a BULLY application for Facebook.

How it works.  You see a friend post a funny or stupid video.  In order to watch the video you give the APP access to your profile.  Suddenly posts are popping up on your wall letting everyone know you watched some dumb or embarrassing video.

Some very embarrassing posts have been seen on the walls of quite a few well known people, business owners, my friends and even politicians.  The ones I saw are people I know very well and know would not what their name attached to to the video they probably clicked on by mistake or just out of curiosity.  Often the thumbnails of the video look like something pervey or pornographic.

Obviously we share things all the time on our timelines.  My friends can see what I am listening to on Spotify, articles I have read, videos I watched, game achievements, etc.  The difference is, that these applications are respectful about our privacy, they walk you through settings and even reconfirm before you share.

Avoid applications like these.  Don’t support them.   They violate privacy and cause a great deal of aggravation and embarrassment.


“Socialcam apparently just got a big angel funding round as it battles Viddy and others to be the next meal for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Honestly, though, I can’t tell you from personal experience what Socialcam’s prospects are for exit stardom, because I refuse to use it. Why? It’s a bully. At least the Facebook version of the app is: In order to see videos on Facebook posted by friends using Socialcam, I have to agree to install the app. And here’s what that installation allows Socialcam to do:

“This app may post on your behalf, including videos you watched, videos you shared and more.”

“And more”? Seriously?

Given constant changes both apps and Facebook itself make in privacy and account settings, you’d think most people by now would be a little more cautious about installing stuff that gives a company carte blanche to scrawl all over your Facebook page. But apparently not.

Look, I know Socialcam isn’t alone in this kind of coercion. The Washington Post Social Reader app does the same thing, so does Rdio, so do hundreds of others for all I know. Which is why I don’t use those services either.”


How to change your settings so it will not autopost to your wall

How to remove Socialcam all together

To remove an app:

  1. Click at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Account Settings
  2. From the menu in the left column, select App Settings
  3. Click the app you’d like to remove, then click the Remove app link

Once you confirm you’d like to remove the app, it will no longer have access to your data or be able to post to your timeline. The app will be removed from your profile (timeline), bookmarks and your Apps and Games home page. Past stories from the app may remain on your timeline.

The app may have retained data from when you used the app. Please contact the app directly to request deletion of any data it may still have.