Welcome to the future!

  • Imagine being able to control your own website and even update it from your phone.
  • Imagine posting something new on your website and seconds later, your website auto posts that info for you on twitter, and facebook.
  • And seconds after that, your customers receive an email with the new information.

This is the future of  websites and it is here!

The online landscape is evolving at an unbelievable rate!  Most companies including traditional marketing and advertising agencies are uncertain how to navigate the online space.  Pushing one’s message out to a listening audience and adding value through timely, engaging content is the wave of the future.  With more and more options for consumers to find information online they demand information fast and that companies listen to them, and they expect a quick response. We help  clients navigate the online world to define where to start, how to tie  the pieces together into a cohesive strategy and how to measure the  effectiveness of their online efforts.

BOSS Hawaii offers innovative and complete custom web solutions for your business that combine your website, social media, marketing, search engine optimization and customer communications all in one.  Our websites are made so you can update yourself. We can also integrate these options into your existing website all designed to get your business online and help drive traffic and leads to your business through internet marketing,  and organic Search Engine Optimization.  Our sites are SEO friendly websites that offer easy to use content management systems that allow you to update sections of your website from blogs, to products and image galleries simply and quickly.

Website design

Our passion for design and a no-frills understanding of user interaction will create an easy-to-use website that not only looks professional, but conveys your message completely and contains lots of auto functions that save you time and money.

Website development

We have all of the latest technologies at our disposal to turn your marketing plan into a website.   We don’t just create pretty websites.  Our websites or total internet marketing solutions that provide all the latest trends and applications.

Content management system (CMS)

A content management system gives you the power to edit your site through an easy-to-use browser-based editor, without having to know HTML. If you can add photos and messages to your Facebook wall, you’re ready to use a CMS!

Search engine optimization

Our philosophy is to implement healthy SEO practices from the start to site launch as part of designing your website and not an additional service or charge.   All components of a website–HTML, copy, graphics–are responsible for search engine visibility. We maximize these components as a standard to give your website the best possible foundation.

Website analysis

We set you up with Google Analytics, one of the most robust and user-friendly web statistics tools out there.  We’ll help you monitor traffic and audit Google’s data to make sure your website is in-line with your online strategy, and producing the results you want it to.

Internet marketing

A successful website begins with a solid marketing plan. Use our experience to effectively communicate to your target audience with a bullet-proof strategy and any number of online tools, such as banner ads, blogs and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


We love WordPress and have a top team of wordpress coders that can help you complete your WordPress website, blog, custom wordpress theme and wordpress custom plug-ins development.


We include handbooks and training with all of our websites.  You will learn to master your new CMS allowing you to update and change your website as often as you like.


We offer an array of security services and defense strategies to minimize your websites vulnerability and assist victims of cyber harassment.



I just wanted you to know, in the short time since you began working on my site I have had 18 people register to be members. In the past year and a half I have had the site I have had 0 people registering. You sure do magic.....

Mark N. Brown

Daniela not only has a good sense of design , but knows how to market and the inner workings of getting your web site noticed. She is very affordable ,and professional, she has a impressive resume. I say these things in the name of not repeating mistakes I have made , and a good teacher wants the next set of artist to not have to reinvent the wheel . I also think that you are all ready to take the next step as a artist, and a professional web site that doesn't cost you a mint that attracts attention is what I would do knowing what I know now

Mark N. Brown Fine Art Mark N. Brown

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