It’s time for your organization to leverage social media services but you don’t know where to start. We know it’s a confusing world to just jump into.

Here’s how it works

We analyze your needs and goals and help you figure out what social media options are best for you.  Then we will do everything necessary to get you started and then hand it off to you.  We won’t just leave you stranded though – we’ll provide you with all the knowledge necessary to make the most of these tools for your organization.

We set up your accounts, customize your layouts and profile images, get you started and coach you so you can join the party.   Hiring someone to blast out non stop specials and promotions will get you tuned out real fast.  Besides, social media is fun!  Look at it like attending a party that never ends.  There are always people to talk to and share with that in many cases can give you valuable information and resources.

What to look for in a social media specialist?