Announcing Hawaii’s first Viral Marketing group 808 Viral

BOSS is proud to announce our new project Hawaii’s first Viral Marketing Group 808 Viral.

Since my first viral video in 2006, I have been creating viral content. A few years ago I was able to start generating extra income and it just spiraled from there.  Over the last few years I have met some amazingly talented content creators and started doing collaborative projects on Hawaii Vines and Instagram then eventually YouTube.

Recently a few of us decided to start 808 Viral, and immediately generated our first viral post SPAM OREOS.  Since then we have had hit after hit, our latest one MOKES TRY VEGAN food hit a million views in 24 hours and our Facebook page went from 9000 followers to 20,000 in 3 days.  Other Viral projects include: Shaka Like icon (now seen on Facebook), Spam Oreos, Loco Mocosubi, Dog Reacts to Cancer Test Results, Spot the Cat (Kittydorable), Mermaid Kariel and much more.

My viral content is currently totaling close to 100 millions views, with social media pages over 400k followers and has been on: MtV, Ellen, Buzzfeed, YouTube front page, trending on Facebook and Twitter, front page of Reddit, DailyNet, Marlon Wayons, Barstool Sports, Fox News, Elite Daily, Distractify, Live Leak and much more.

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