DNS Services is a scam!

If you received a letter that looks like this, Please be warned. THIS IS NOT  bill DO NOT PAY IT,  it’s a scam


Several of my Hawaii clients have reported receiving “invoices” from “DNS Services” for $65 to renew their domain names.

To read more about these types of scams, check out this WIKIPEDIA article.

There is fine print indicated by the red arrow,  containing a disclaimer that it is a solicitation and not actually a bill of invoice.  This is the same tactic that Domain Registry of America uses,  it is a trick to lure you away from your registrar and switch to them.  By paying you inadvertently switch your domain names to them.

What makes these scam appear genuine is the clever way they are designed to look like real bills and how they conceal the fine print. It also contains valid information extracted from DNS records, including your company’s domain and the ISP records and expiration date.  Often the person who received the mail, like business managers, secretaries or accountants assume its valid and pay it, not knowing that its not who currently holds their domain names.

What should I do if I get a letter like this?

Don’t do anything, Not unless you want to pay $65 for your domain which is usually no more than $12.   If you want to do your part in stopping scams like this, REPORT it to the FTC.

How to prevent from being scammed

To avoid scams like these, make sure you are clear WHO your domains were purchased under.  Usually these are companies like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.  Be sure to let everyone in your company know that any bills related to the website must go through the IT person, or designate someone to be responsible for monitoring the website bills and that they know who is being paid for what.  This way anything else coming in can be ignored.

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  1. Giandroid
    Giandroid says:

    Aloha! I hope you don’t mind, but I saw that I got a hit or two from the link you posted from my site about why I’m not using Reddit anymore. I took a look at the overview for your page, and… well, it looks like not only has Reddit not changed their ways, but the spam drama and ego problems of the Reddit mods have gotten even WORSE.

    Also, it looks like they REMOVED the link you posted to my site that badmouthed Reddit from your post history. Wow!

    I was wondering if it would be okay if I used your story as a blog post? It’s frustrating, I know, but I really think that creators are getting screwed by Reddit mods. The more people we can warn away from them, the better. What say ye?

    • BOSS Hawaii
      BOSS Hawaii says:

      I say yay, Of course!

      What is funnier though is that I got accused of being you. The mod of Social Media messaged me that that my post didn’t belong there because I am not allowed to market my own blog. LOL

      Meanwhile, I was getting beat up on /r/Hawaii by users and mods for being a SPAMMER because I posted 2 stories from my own blog, including this one warning people about the scam.

      Just curious why you messaged here, did you see my post about getting banned on Reddit here?

      I think you will appreciate my infographic…

      Copy me on your post and lets share it and get banned together!

  2. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    I got one of these today!!!! Just reported them. This is just as bad as the student loan companies making their mail design to match your company to trick you into refinancing. I can’t believe these people aren’t shut down faster.


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