How to add Facebook friends to Google Plus

Here is a little workaround on how to get your Facebook friends into Google Plus:

1. Login to your Yahoo account or create a new one. (note if you create a new one, Yahoo requires you wait 2 weeks before being allowed to export contacts so you may get an error from Google Plus)

2. Go to the “Contact” Option and then “Import Contacts”.  Authorize Facebook to access your Yahoo address book.

3.  After a minute or so you should get a message confirming the import.  Now your Facebook contacts are in your Yahoo account.

4.  Login to Google+ and go to Circles.

5. Click Find, then click Yahoo import and authorize your Yahoo account.

6. Now All the contact are on your Google Plus “Find and Invite Page”. Now JUST Drag everyone into the appropriate “Circle”.

You can also export these Yahoo contacts to a CSV file and import them into your GMAIL this way too.

Good luck!

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