How to get banned on Reddit

As long as I have been online, I have never been banned from anything. Well today I broke my banning cherry when I was banned from reddit.

Now I join William Shatner, Zach Braff, CNN and a long list of other distinguished people who hate Reddit.

The whole thing was really very stupid.  I asked the mods for help because a user was calling me a spammer after I made my first posts.  The Rediquette rules tell you to reach out to the mods in these situations because they will appreciate it and it will help show you have good intentions.  So I reached out to the mods.  And he responded rudely and banned me.

I was ” clearly a spammer”  he said he  “had proof” and that my username WebGirl was spammy.

This made me giggle not only because anyone who knows me and what I do, I am far from a spammer.  But also because the names on Reddit are pretty ridiculous and offensive.  I mean one of the guys talking was “dumbassthenes”.    Also spammers  make a great deal of effort to try to stay under the radar, so they don’t choose obvious names or contact mods for help and draw attention to themselves.

So what was my major offense?  I posted a story from my own site.  (my story warning Hawaii businesses about DNS scams)

It was a newbie mistake and hardly a capital offense.  I admit I know little about Reddit.

I am part of a lot of very large online communities from social networks to gaming forums, so it was strange to be banned after going to someone for help.

Reddit is not known to be a friendly place,  mods don’t like to be challenged. Reddit rules are inconsistent, the people are confrontational and the enforcement of the rules changes from person to person.  Unlike Twitter or Facebook,  you can be banned if they don’t like you.  And it is not newbie friendly.  People come to Reddit , thinking it is like other social networks and they see people posting links and sharing their own content so they think it is ok. They get banned and have to delete their accounts and try again.  One writer from Mashable said it took her 10 tries!  If the folks at Mashable are having issues then I don’t feel bad at all

I just feel that mods should give you a warning first unless you are overly abusive or offensive.  Allow you a chance to fix it or remove the content in question and let them know why. People are contributing to their community so rudeness and snap judgements just gets the Reddit community a bad rep.  A moderators job is to put his personal feelings aside and do what is in the best interest of the community.

Reddit tells you that when you encounter an issue with a rude Redditor,  try introducing yourself, showing them who you are and what your intentions really were and if that doesn’t work, reach out to the lower level mods and ask for their help and lastly to post publicly about it and call them out.

If you decide to join a Reddit community, be sure to read all the rules before posting.  Introduce yourself to the mod and the users first and tell them you are new and need help.  Comment a lot and try and help people asking questions that you have answers for first, before trying to post any links. Be careful of your name choice (still confused about that one considering the crazy names people use there).

Basically Reddit wants you to earn your place, otherwise expect to have to start over multiple times.

***Hawaii Reddit Reddit mods fastest banning finger in the Pacific, Mahalo for the experience!


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  1. Raymond
    Raymond says:

    Relived to find this. I don’t know if you have been on there recently but for reals, it is still bad probably worse. I have been on there for a while so over it. I don’t know who all the managers are but I can tell they are haoles (no offense) or people who work for the news or government. It is so obvious the Hawaii subreddit is political and give no love to anyone outside of their circle. That Wu-wei person is one of the worse subreddit managers trolling his own reddit. It has attracted the biggest assholes and they all downvote everything but their own stuff.

    Do you know where we can complain about the moderators? They need to be replaced with people who actually like Hawaii and aren’t just supporting their friends and posting articles from the news.

  2. PeabodysWayBackGirl
    PeabodysWayBackGirl says:

    I’ve joined the legion of “Reddit Ban-ees” Apparently two Redditors, “SpankyWeesebrock” and “flying33” did not like my photos posted in “TheWayWeWere”. Photos such as grandparents on a CA beach in 1939, high school dances in 1969, my first car and other such “obnoxious” posts. Next thing I know these two unleashed a barrage of filthy, nasty posts about me, and I was banned. Rather scary actually….

  3. dumbassthenes
    dumbassthenes says:

    You know, you could take this as an indication that your form of participation is both obnoxious and unwanted.

    Thanks for the shout out!

      • Ed
        Ed says:

        Sorry but that was an awesome answer. Funny, I found this when I googled “dumbassthenes” because I also had an issue with that guy. Glad to see I am not the only one. Looking at his history, what a fucking tool.

  4. mauirixxx
    mauirixxx says:

    I too was surprised to find all your posts gone, especially since we were conversating about the DNS scam going around. I haven’t been on reddit for very long either, so I take more of a lurker attitude until I see something worth talking about.

    I don’t understand the /r/Hawaii mods logic either, ban first and don’t bother with a follow up to ensure it’s a valid ban? Not cool, especially, since (I thought, at least) most of your stuff was relative to Hawaii (maybe not so much the Yelp thing, but then I know dick about Yelp or if Hawaii businesses even use it?).

    So are you completely banned from /r/Hawaii or did they just hide all your posts?

    • BOSS Hawaii
      BOSS Hawaii says:

      I am banned yes. I did PM them, introduce myself and tried to explain and one mod did respond kindly and was trying to get the other mods to lift the ban but I told them not to bother. He’s just going to pick on me. He was letting another Redditor call me names (who big surprise is a mod for the surf SR) I debated reaching out to him, Ironically I have built some of the surf sites he probably uses and the other mod is a fan of Lost and one of the actors is our client, but I wasn’t going to name drop. I gave them more then enough proof I wasn’t trying to spam, if you cant be nice to me as a decent human than I dont want to know you. So I dont expecf them to lift the ban. Besides, I had already released my article and comic and I’m pretty sure that pissed him off because it got quite a bit if traffic and shares.

      Oh and the Yelp story was all about the Hawaii Yelp community. I talked about Emi, the Queen of Hawaii Yelp and how businesses are struggling. I don’t think they were getting that. If you see it’s been up a while and I get a ton of traffic already on my own. I just picked the 2 stories I thought would be lost useful and shares them.

      It’s cool I’m finding lots of love in other geeky SubReddits where I probably belong lol! Thanks for supporting me, I hope you get your domain name back.

      • mauirixxx
        mauirixxx says:

        Well that sucks that you’re completely banned, but that’s just 1 subreddit out of thousands. While I do enjoy perusing the /r/Hawaii subreddit, due to my job I usually lurk in /r/SysAdmin, my favorite geeky subreddit. There truly is something for everyone.

        As far as the Yelp story goes, I thought it was interesting but I must’ve glossed over the stuff relevant to Hawaii :/

        And we’ve moved on from the domain we lost (was over 7 years ago now), and personally, our current one is shorter and easier to spell anyways 😛 Not that we do much with it other then send e-mail through it and make it easier to connect via VPN and allow clients to hit our FTP server 🙂

        • BOSS Hawaii
          BOSS Hawaii says:

          Yes I realized now that Reddit as a whole is not bad, you just have to find the right subreddits. I have already created another account and found a lot of love in web development and my geeky ones too, like Star Trek. I haven’t had any bad experiences. And so many people reached out to me in a positive way so really it was a great experience. It is just a major shame that the one community that should be an awesome one is so closed off and aggressive. I get it is their own Subreddit but they have the only Hawaii one and therefore represent our state and I for one don’t think it is a good thing. They should have created their own Locals Only version, or something for just their people and give it to someone who has Aloha spirit and will encourage a positive friendly community that doesn’t shame us.

          City Council District 1 is talking about having me set one up for Leeward to share Leeward news and jobs so I will let you know. Not sure where you live but I can promise it will be a much friendlier place!

  5. Pauline
    Pauline says:

    Came here from twitter your toon was shared by SMM Today if you didn’t know.
    I was on Reddit 3 minutes and was banned. So I completely identify with your experience and feel better reading the experiences of others. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Giandroid
    Giandroid says:

    Wow! They accused you… of being me? That’s glorious. It’s like they were desperate to find a reason to stick something to you and were really grasping at straws.

    I actually saw the hits coming from And I saw that the link to my own blog post was there. I was actually considering going in there and upvoting it but that would be too… egomaniacal, I guess?

    I liked your infographic. It was funny!

    Reddit mods are an especially caustic breed. They ban first and then ask questions later. (Actually, they don’t ask and they don’t reply). It’s not a place to share content… it’s a place for other people to share your content, talk about it, make it popular, and disallow the creators to take credit for them.

    I put out a short story that was much-beloved and pretty much universally praised. It got my site thousands of hits in a day. I thought I’d share another story again. It didn’t matter to the reddit mods that I made other comments and (attempted) to participate in the community, I was just a spammer to them. It really does seem like they have their own definition of what a spammer is and it’s pretty far removed from a real one.

    But you knew all that. You read my post after all.

    Let’s keep in touch! Send me an email, and I’ll let you know when my new post goes live. Moo hoo ha ha!

  7. says:

    I saw your posts about /r/Hawaii . I didn’t want to post there and get lynched ha! I just wanted to say that I agree, I read the whole thing and this was really uncool. It is pretty obvious to everyone you are not a spammer, I think they feel stupid and are just on the defensive now. Egos you know, they tend to get in the way of rational behavior. I think they would defend the holocaust rather than admit they are wrong at this point.

    I hope you don’t let this ruin your entire Reddit experience, there are other great subreddits with great people and great mods. You seem nice and funny and I personally would love to see what you share especially if it is anything as funny as your cartoon! Good luck with getting unbanned.

  8. Rodney
    Rodney says:

    YES! This is so perfect I am sharing this. I had tears from laughing you are so funny. I love how Reddit guy has his middle finger out while welcoming you. There can’t be a better visual representation.

    • BOSS Hawaii
      BOSS Hawaii says:

      So you benefited by posting in a place that you got referral traffic. This is why I think it’s so obvious I wasn’t intentionally spamming. If that was my intention I wouldn’t have posted on r/Hawaii but a bigger subbreddit like Yelp or Scams or something that actually benefited me. I actually chose Hawaii because I thought they would be nicer and help me get started and I might make some local connections etc. From the messages I am getting, I am finding out that sadly they are known for being unfriendly and rude. At least now I know I’m not the only one!

    • mauirixxx
      mauirixxx says:

      This is not true – I am neither a douchebag (I’m a human being) nor am I 9 (38, thanks).

      Naw, I get what you mean though – there are a ton of jackasses on there 😛

      • BOSS Hawaii
        BOSS Hawaii says:

        This is true. And I’ve actually met some really cool people on Reddit, like yourself, because of this. The people who are nice and get this is ridiculous are the kind I want to talk to!

  9. Scott
    Scott says:

    Haha, hilarious. Reddit sucks, it’s a bunch of losers. I hated Reddit long before it was cool to hate Reddit.
    Welcome to the club Webgirl. It’s a badge of honor to be banned from Reddit.


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