Meet our team

“We choose to work together because we work together well.
We have common goals, common perspectives, and our results reflect our amazing synergy.”

307965_2446261366506_1551081916_2636464_2035514797_nHi I am Dani!

I am the BOSS at BOSS.  I am the owner and the glue that holds this ship together.   I wear many hats at BOSS but I am generally the first person you will meet and talk to and will be with you through the whole process.  From social media and web marketing, Web Design and Development, branding, training, SEO, reputation management, I pretty much have my hands in it all.   My specialty is WordPress development, themes and designs and building online marketing strategies.

AD in Communications, BA in Journalism with a double minor in Photojournalism and Technical Communications.   Published writer and photographer. Social Media Enthusiast.  (don’t call me Guru) Dog and strange cat lover.  Board member, Kailua Chamber of Commerce and chair of the e-commerce committee.   Professional dancer in my bedroom.  Always right, and sometimes funny.



At one time it was just me and my dog and my computer.  But a lot of hard work and good intentions has made BOSS grow and I now have a great team behind me.  They are known to work at night, sometimes coming out to feast under the full moon.  But mainly they stay indoors, working tirelessly.  They live, breathe and love working for me.  When they sleep, the sleep upside down, but always with one eye open and on the job.


photoJo Dhillon – WordPress Developer, Programmer

Jo has a masters in Computer Application.  She has done just about everything from software design to SEO.  Jo has a ‘Never say die’ approach on life and projects.  She has developed many products in PHP/Mysql/JavaScript/Ajax/Jquery/CSS/HTML.   Lately she has become quite skilled at Adobe Photoshop and SEO/SEM techniques…it is just another feather in her hat!


Angela Hetrick – WordPress Developer, Programmer

Angela has over a decade’s worth of experience in web development, programming and web 2.0 graphic design.  She is proficient in HTML, CSS, CMS Systems, MY-SQL, SEO, and Web Usability.   She was once a Joomla Developer but we don’t hold that against her because she saw the light and is now kicking butt on WordPress, developing themes and plugins from concept to completion.  “I have a passion for seeing businesses benefit from something I create.  It makes me happy and inspires me to give 150%.”

Ryan Mae Sweeney – Project Manager

Ryan Mae attended both Iolani School and University of Hawaii.  With a background in retail management and six years in marketing and advertising she has a unique perspective on how marketing works to support business in the trenches.   Clients can  attest to Ryan Mae’s passion for what she does and her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.   Some of the most exciting projects have included: Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Workforce Development piece, Tim Tam Hawaii product launch, and working with clients like Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry on cross promotions.

“Interactive media can absolutely be scary and overwhelming, but creating and implementing a strategy that works hand and hand with your marketing and brand are key to creating a powerful connection with your prospective customers.”  Remaining relevant is something that Jackson INK can bring to your company through social media.


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