“Dani, the end result of my website is so stunning!! I never really imagined a site looking like this…in my little brain filled with all the reasons i love to live here, have those multitudes of every moment experiences put on a site for others to witness is pretty damn special!! I know its suppose to speak to others and not about me per se…but it is all about me!  you have been so dedicated and forthright in your calming way of working for this with me!  i’ll continue to let you know how much i appreciate all your input and really going beyond what is expected…the kind of human i love to be around…mahalo from my heart!”



I just wanted you to know, in the short time since you began working on my site I have had 18 people register to be members. In the past year and a half I have had the site I have had 0 people registering. You sure do magic…..

Mark N. Brown

Daniela not only has a good sense of design , but knows how to market and the inner workings of getting your web site noticed. She is very affordable ,and professional, she has a impressive resume. I say these things in the name of not repeating mistakes I have made , and a good teacher wants the next set of artist to not have to reinvent the wheel . I also think that you are all ready to take the next step as a artist, and a professional web site that doesn’t cost you a mint that attracts attention is what I would do knowing what I know now

Mark N. Brown Fine Art Mark N. Brown

Since BOSS has done our website the only problem we have had is finding the time to answer all the emails we are getting from people finding us online!