Spam Oreos goes viral

Our latest viral hit featured on Will it Cookie!

It was shortly after I saw Spam flavored macadamia nuts.  Then they just released Portuguese sausage spam.

I was thinking of how Hawaii is so crazy for Spam what will they come up with next.  Then SPOREOS were born.

I created it for a new Facebook page called Hawaii Food Porn for fun and in order to generate some traffic to the new page.  The page got 500 likes in 2 days thanks to SPOREOS.

It’s been shared all over the country from radio stations to celebrities. Even Spam and Oreo gave it a shout out in Twitter.  Today, we achieved legendary viral status.

We got on SNOPES.  

I honestly did not think people would believe they were real.  I figured it would get a BLEH reaction and a good laugh.  But apparently people really believed it.

I wish I could see how far it went.  Problem with viral graphics is people will save and share on their own page rather than share the original post so you don’t get to track where it’s being shared.

But I am glad people found it funny and sorry for those who actually thought it was real.  Honestly my Photoshop skills aren’t that great and it does say Hawaii Food Porn on the package!