This video attempts to demonstrate how harmful the Yelp business model is by showing what it looks like in real life at an actual business.   This is no different then what they are doing online. If this isn’t ok in real life, then why is yelp allowed to do this online?


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  1. Jim Lamm
    Jim Lamm says:

    Nice job!

    Great video. Really makes it clear how the slime balls at Yalp screw over small business. I have been fighting them for years. I loathe them. I, like you find it unbelievably arrogant how they try to tell small business owners how to respond to negative reviews, run their businesses, and to not ask clients to post reviews. I wrote a lengthy screed about their practices on my blog on my business website. Yelp is a “business” that had no tangible product and parasitically makes it millions by strong arming small business with their “filter” and without a doubt manipulates reviews to serve their purposes, they are the Internet Mafia.

    I have linked to your blog. This is a great video that every Yalp user needs to see.

    I believe in time the animosity and contempt they created from their arrogance will break their backs and they will crash and burn.

    Keep up the great blogging!


  2. Christine
    Christine says:

    Normal people don’t have the time to sit around and write reviews. The only time I am motivated to write a review is when I am ticked off or when I LOVE something. One and Five star reviews make the most sense. I wouild think a person with the fewer views would be more relevant than these unemployed bored people who have nothing better to do.


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